What does it mean to have a solar geyser?

How does a solar geyser work?

Solar geysers work directly with sunlight to produce hot water without using electricity from your home. The tubes of the solar geyser system converts infrared radiation to electricity, which the geyser uses to heat up the water. Inside the solar tubes are copper pipes, which absorb the heat of the infrared radiation and are sealed with a glass cover to prevent heat loss. The ends of these copper pipes are connected to the storage tank.

Cold water enters the storage tank from the bottom and then it flows directly into the copper tubes which get heated from the infrared radiation (sunlight) and trapped by the glass seal. When the water exits the copper pipes it enters the storage tank which is kept warm until it is used.

Cosmopolitan Projects solar geysers

Imagine buying a house with a solar geyser and decreasing your electricity bill to enjoy hot water freely whenever you like. All houses built by Cosmopolitan Projects Johannesburg face north for the solar geysers to heat up faster and come with solar geysers already installed when you receive the keys to your dream home. Even when load shedding happens, you and your family will still be able to have access to hot water. It usually takes less than five hours to heat up a 300l storage tank of the solar geyser. The hot water that’s stored within the solar geyser can be up to 180 degrees Celsius.

There are many pros to having a solar geyser installed in your home:

The water that enters the solar geyser is clean with no carbon footprint due to the infrared radiation that affects the copper pipes that hide behind the glass.

Your electricity bill will be lower than what would be expected with the infrared radiation being used to substitute electricity and to heat the water, electricity to your geyser would not be needed to produce hot water.

This system doesn’t make any noise and will not bother you or your neighbours with loud noises or uncomfortable sounds.

Solar geyser systems are easy to maintain, with maintenance only required every three years with specific instructions to do so or to call your nearest solar geyser specialist to service your solar geyser for you. Even with maintaining it, it will still be more cost-effective and will lower your electricity bill.

Your solar geyser does not take up much space as it is placed on top of your roof with specialised bolts and screws to keep it safe and secure.

And in winter?

Solar geysers will still have hot water for you and your family to use when the winter strikes or on any cloudy days. Even though it is cold or you are not in direct sunlight you are still able to get sunburn. The same concept is applied to a solar geyser, even though it’s not getting direct sunlight it can still produce hot water.

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