The Best Food at Sky City

Experience the best food at Sky City

As a development, Sky City has grown to sustain more than just houses, schools and churches. From corner cafés to car washes, you can also experience the best food at Sky City at affordable prices. Sky City is the first development to bring fast-food services for residents, and more restaurants are opening at Sky City Mall. Let’s take a deeper look at what can be expected of these hunger crushers.

The best food at Sky City Mall

There are a variety of restaurants to enjoy within the mall. To experience the best food at Sky City, residents can enjoy a meal from Steers, Fish and Chips Village, Debonairs and there are many others to choose from. These restaurants can be identified as fast-food restaurants, the only difference is that they don’t have a drive-through like a normal fast-food franchise, however, families can still enjoy their meal at the restaurant or request a takeaway so they can have a cosy night in with a good meal. Netflix and chill, anyone?

Kotas winning over the community

Residents have also set up a few Kota takeaway food stalls where you can enjoy the delicious meal for an affordable price. These Kotas have mouthwatering ingredients like deep-fried chips, a russian sausage, two slices of polony, a vienna, cheese, achaar, barbeque seasoning and a quarter loaf of bread. This recipe keeps Sky City residents on their toes and creates excitement within the community. These Kota stalls are all over the development with some even accompanied by car washes. So while your car is being washed you can enjoy a delicious Kota meal with a soft drink. Now that really sounds like the best food at Sky City! It is initiatives like this that uplift the community.

Is Fast-food Perhaps The Best Food at Sky City?

There are two well-known fast-food restaurants within the development which residents can enjoy. The first well-known fast-food restaurant is Mcdonald’s, which consists of a drive-through for residents on the go, and a sit-in restaurant in which they can enjoy their meal while the children safely play in the play area. The second well-known fast-food restaurant is KFC which also consists of a drive-through and sit-in restaurant.

Delivery Apps in Sky City

A Sky City resident have “adapted to modern times”, and has created and developed a food delivery app that is available on the Google Play Store, called Mad Buddies. This app was created with the aim of help ing others live more comfortably. The app works the same as other food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Mr Delivery, which are also available for deliveries within the development so you can get your food delivered right to your doorstep.

Sky City is a development that grows by the day and with new initiatives like food stalls and delivery apps, what more can Sky City residents come up with?

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