Route 82 Security Village Apartments for sale in Kibler Park

Route 82 – Security Village

Route 82 Security Village is based in Kibler Park in Johannesburg South and it is one of the few Cosmopolitan Project developments that has a lot of features added to it. Firstly, these apartments consist of two bedrooms with one bathroom, and an open plan kitchen with a lounge and depending on what size you take it includes a patio or a balcony. Presenting Kibler Park with new modern apartments that is secure for the whole family with a state-of-the-art security system. Keeping this in mind you can have peace of mind when enjoying family activities or resting within the apartment.

Route 82 has its own car wash bay, for you to wash your car, a laundromat, a café to purchase some products, children’s play areas, and jogging trails. These features were set into place to provide much-needed comfort to the residents of Route 82. More features to consider is 24-hour security with a patrolling guard and biometric access control to keep safety at a high level within this secure estate. This is a great opportunity for children to exceed in making new friends and great for first-time investors! These apartments are for sale from only R5 800 per month at a total of R755 000 (earning R18 000 gross per month to qualify).

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