Faithful Faith Church in Sky City

Uplifting the community with a church in Sky City

Cosmopolitan Projects Johannesburg has built a church in Sky City near Alberton, South of Gauteng. The church was completed at the end of 2021 and thereafter accepted residents to practice their faith with smiles on their faces. This will help the community to practice their religion and to learn more about their beliefs and their culture. This building will uplift and help the community to keep their religious beliefs strong.

The church in Sky City – Faithful Faith Church’s building

The building is built with a face brick style. This helps so the church doesn’t have to repaint every five to ten years, but to still enjoy a modern exterior look. There is a parking space for cars with under roof parking near the church entrance. The church is built with a triangular roof specification that would make the church inside look bigger and provide a modern look. This building provides an office for the Pastor and a mother’s room where mothers can sit with their babies while enjoying the service, without worrying that they might disturb other people practising their faith. There are also bathrooms built away from the main auditorium to ensure more privacy. The church is also built close to the community centre of the development and near the Royal Schools Sky City.

Welcoming residents of all ages at the church in Sky City

The children’s church is located next to the main auditorium so that the young ones can have a better understanding of their culture and family beliefs. They are taught each Sunday while their mothers, fathers and grandparents practice their faith in the main church. There is a play area for them to enjoy themselves while they wait after church for their family.

The children’s church is also being used as a crèche during the week so that working parents have someone to look after their young ones while they are working. This crèche and children’s church has dedicated teachers working there to ensure the safety and education of children within this community. The church has services on Sundays with a dedicated pastor that leads each service and members of the church that attend every Sunday and on some weekdays for meetings.

A church at Sky City was something that was needed within the community to help uplift them and to make it easier for them to grow within their religion. This is the start of something new!

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